Monday, 5 June 2017

The 12 months plan - finished

Motto: All the wealth in the world worth nothing for you, if you are not healthy.
(Financial freedom wizards manual)

Weight: Between 80 to 85 kg at 1.80 m (5'9'') Aiming for 77 kg and 15% body fat on 1st of June.
Body fat: Between 14% to 24%
BMR (basic metabolic rate) = 1818 kcal
PAL (physical activity level) = 1.375
Energy requirement daily = 2499 kcal
BMI = 24.69 to 25

1. Body
- Yoga techniques (postures, breathing and meditation)
- Running  - endurance and sprint
- Strength and power/stamina building exercices

2. Diet
- A 70% plant based diet (with a twist of 70% alkaline food daily), no chemicals, less to no sugar, less to no caffeine, better hydration (300 ml water every 3 hours when possible) - I achieve this 80% of the time, i would say.
- One day a week - 24 hour fasting - Most of the time. Now i am thinking at some part fasting, where i eat all the food in 8 hours interval, followed by a fasting time of 16 hours. There is some research supporting my theories.

3. Mind
- Mindfulness techniques aka meditation:
- Brain boosting supplements - For the this month i tried: Omega 3, Magnesium, Ginseng and Ginkgo biloba solution, My herbal remedies (but for the herbal treatments i did it completely only 10% of the time).
- Memory enhancement techniques

I would like to think that i achieved a great deal in all those 12 months, even if i still have work to do.


Physically speaking - I need to train harder, with conditioning for joints and bones, and mobility (yoga). Ideally I need to do 3 strength training of at least 30-45 min (unless is high intensity training, which can be done faster), 2 running sessions - one speed, one endurance, and 15-30 minutes of yoga in the morning, followed by mindfulness techniques for 15-30 min.

Diet - should be all organic, vegetarian, with no sugar and caffeine, and a decent amount of water per day (no fizzy or sugary drinks). Supplements like Omega 3 and Magnesium all the time, with ginseng,ginkgo or other mind booster  from time to time. 1-3 day fasting when possible.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Connected, empowered and finding the meaning of life

"We are all connected: to each other -- biologically, to the earth -- chemically, and to the rest of the universe -- atomically."
- Neil DeGrasse Tyson -

And this connection is real, binding ourselves to hidden realities. And, in doing this, changing ourselves will change others, and the universe itself. Improve every day, close the gaps and raise your weaknesses to main skills.

"People's great creativity and diversity, our desire for contribution and relationships, blossom when the heart of our community is clear and beckoning, and when we refrain from cluttering our paths with proscriptions and demands. The future of community is best taught to us by life."
- Margaret Wheatley -

But what is a community? It is the work microcosm? It is our relatives as a family? It is our nation?
Or the whole humanity? Jung was talking about Egregors, the nation Egregor, the family Egregor and so on. This is some kind of a magical being, created by the conversion of all the energies that are common to all the members of one group. The stronger is the group, the more powerful the influence of the Egregor will be. And the more groups you become a part, the better for you.

"And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything."
- William Shakespeare -

We look for meaning, even if it is not, we are still finding it, according to our own beliefs. We find gods pictures in bread, in leaves or trees, but the whole world  is nothing else than a Rorschach test, and we only see outside of us what in fact it is inside. Next time when you see something that you don't like in the real world, check inside you too. Maybe there is some work to be done there.

Friday, 2 June 2017

May 2017 - Monthly report

May 2017 - Monthly report

My Overview

Total portfolio: £33315 (+6910)
Debt: £3578 (-442)
External funds: £450 (-750)
Car: £500
Net Worth: £29787 (+8002)

Investments UK: £21633 (+8412)
Investments overseas : £3248 ( +/- 0)
Cash: £820(-231)
Pension: £7098(+502)

Total Income: £1480(-64)
Passive income: £228 (15.41%)
Savings rate: 36%

Side hustle 1 value: £392
Side hustle 2 value: £3.6
Side hustle 3 value: £215 (Profit April- 65.5)

Finally a side hustle that worked better that i hoped. Last month i invested £3300 in digital currency (Ethereum), hoping to make couple of hundreds. Funny enough, the value went up five times, so now i have in my portfolio well over twelve thousands. I am waiting to see what happen, seems that my house deposit will be ready soon.  Hence the big portfolio growth. I am also reducing the external funds and the loan, while i try to reach the magical 50% saving rate (over 30% in the last months). Not much passive income as i was (again) in some kind of holiday (went home to see family). Pension increased with a nice £502,  And i have quite a work to do in June, as i just buy the flight tickets for my August trip (quite expensive - around 350). I hope that next month my external funds to be close to zero and my net worth to go over the 30K limit.

Good luck to you too!

Monday, 1 May 2017

April 2017 - Monthly report

April 2017 - Monthly report

My Overview

Total portfolio: £26405(+2254)
Debt: £4020 (+20)
External funds: £1200 (+200)
Car: £500
Net Worth: £21685 (+2034)

Investments UK: £13221 (+1653)
Investments overseas : £3248 (+476)
Cash: £1051 (-49)
Pension: £6596 (+170)

Total Income: £1544 (+170)
Passive income: £81 (5.27%)
Savings rate: 36%

Side hustle 1 value: £392
Side hustle 2 value: £2.5
Side hustle 3 value: £65.5 (Profit March - Zero)

This was another good month, despite me getting ready for my next holiday. Quite a big plus, mostly due to the valuation of Bitcoin and Ethereum. A bit of extra debt, just to patch some activities here and there, but i will start to tackle it from May on. Net worth went up with £2034, investments growth both in UK and overseas, pensions up with a bit more than £170 as usual, and i am proud of my 36% savings rate. Still recovering after the catastrophic March mistake, probably fully recovered at the end of May. Two months without profit from the side hustle is a costly experience, but then, this is how we get wiser, right? Side hustle talking, i started to make a small profit again, i am waiting to see how this month goes.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

One bitcoin, two bitcoins...

One interesting area to play with, although highly volatile, it is the digital currency market. In this last year we could see Bitcoin going up from 380 to 1000 pounds, and other secondary currencies such as Ethereum from 1 pound to 49 in less than one year. Just think about, if you got 1000 to spare and invested last august in Ethereum, you would have close to 50 thousand today. Of course, others have not such a sum to risk, but this was only one example. And they are probably still growing, so it is a bit more to get from it. (Truth to be told, it was a massive impact due to the India money reform and to the fact that some of the financial options in Japan got zero or negative interest, so the Indian and Japanese market play a huge part on the market.)

Check yourself, familiarize with the concept and invest a small amount of money every week or month in digital currency, you will be rewarded if you play the long term game.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A millionaire advice

This is so good that I cannot keep it only for me.

"How to make lots of money with Facebook:
Step1: Go to My Account.
Step2: Log out.
Step3: Do some real work. "

(Via JMoney - celebrating Jokes day)


They say that the intelligent person learn from his mistakes, the wise one from other's mistakes. Despite reading about this specific one, and learning about the psychological mechanisms behind this kind of behaviour, i did it myself 6 weeks ago. Seems like i am only intelligent, not wise, at the moment. A costly error, in fact a suit of 4-5 wrong decisions that spiraled in a catastrophic result, wiping out almost £1500. Took me 60 days of consistent work to recover, with more than 120 hours of real work. I will make this kind of error again? Probably not soon. As i had the feelings related to this and i learn. We are not perfect. And we need to realize that sometimes we will make the wrong decisions. Ideally, we should learn and never do it in the same way. A genius is the one that make hundreds on mistakes, but not the same one twice. And sometimes, in between our 101 mistakes, we do the right kind of mistake, and we discover something revolutionary. This is one way. The other way is to not test, to choose the traditional verified course of events, and to reach our objectives. But in the end, we will not have a story to tell. Perhaps we do not even need to tell a story. As long as we are there, where we aim to be.

Which way is the best to follow?